MySOL: An E-Commerce Portal Solution

MySol (Make Your Shop OnLine) is an e-commerce portal solution that helps small businesses come online with a simple plug and play software and make their presence in the huge internet world on their own domain and platform. We help small businesses to increase their profit margins in the online world by offering them with a customizable solution so that they can operate the online business themselves and not be dependent on market places such as Amazon and Flipkart which take away a huge chunk of profit margins away from them.


MySol” (Make Your Shop OnLine) is a proprietary e-commerce portal solution which has been fully conceptualized, designed and built by ApnaGhar BizCorp Private Limited under the vision and leadership of its founder Director, Mr Rakesh Samar, (B.E, M.B.A) having an industry experience of over 30 years. MySol is a plug and play solution that can help businesses bring their products online on an e-commerce portal in less than a week’s time encompassing all required activities like domain booking, hosting, populating products and integration with payment gateways that is required for an e-commerce portal.

MySol SME ” ver 1.1 supports individual listing of products and a unique series listing feature of products with an inbuilt comparison feature referred to as “InstaComp”. Development of “MySol MP” (Market Place) is underway and shall support multiple sellers and corresponding features.


Ver 1.6: 150423 

  1. Shipping charges alert message updated on add to cart page.
  2. Bug Fixes and Code enhancements.

Ver 1.5: 240323 

  1. Bug Fixes and Code enhancements.

Ver 1.4: 101222 

  1. Online orders made using payment gateway on cancellation by user is termed as “Buy Interest”.
  2. Bug Fixes and Code enhancements.

Ver 1.3: 181022 

  1. Added Enquiry Button for items out of stock and automatic email to be sent to such customers when item is again received in stock.
  2. Added State Option along with City in Contact us and Other Enquiry pages.
  3. Minor Bug Fixes and formatting issues in invoices etc.

Ver 1.2: 270922 

  1. Free Gift:  Offer changed to “Free Gift” and repositioned on Product Preview.
  2. Comparison Feature added on Product Preview:  Comparison option displayed on product preview in case of Series Products Category where Brands/Products are more than 1
  3.  Minor Bug Fixes.

Ver 1.1: 070922 

  1. Layout: Easy customer friendly layout with customizable options for home page. Customizable Sliders or Carousels on Home page.
  2. Customer Login: Login features for customer with option to change his profile, password etc. Customer’s name visibility on login. Option for customer to view his orders and track shipment.
  3.  Search Bar: An easy to locate Search Bar that helps a customer to search for a product. Always available on top of every page.
  4. Shopping Cart: Shopping Cart available for easy access at right top corner.
  5. Business Logo: Prominent space for display of Business Logo.
  6. Customer Support Number: Customer Support Number always visible on top left corner for any queries.
  7. User Friendly Navigation: Easy User Interface for customer
  8. User Friendly Menu: Customizable user-friendly menu that supports three levels of categorization. Can be changed by Site Admin Panel.
  9. Live Chat on Whatsapp: Easy to find whatsapp icon visible on every screen for customers to get in touch with customer support executives.
  10. Social Media Links: Links for all social media platforms available at Footer.
  11. Discounted Products: Separate space for displaying discounted products
  12. New Arrivals: Separate scrollable panel featuring new arrivals and trending products.
  13. Free Shipping Options: Option to have customizable free shipping limits.
  14. Minimum Order Value: Option to have customizable minimum order value
  15. Payment System Icons: Display of payment system icons at the bottom of the page which lets a customer know of what payment systems are accepted
  16. Newsletter Signup: Space to collect emails for sending newsletters so that information on new products is received by customers directly.
  17. Special Gift Offer: Option to have a customizable pop-up for displaying special gift offers or important announcements right on top of the home page.
  18. Product Preview: Home page or specific category page to show preview of product which when clicked, can take the user to the product description page. Option to show price, discount and price with or without GST
  19. Series Products Display: Option to display a series of products of a particular category and which can be made available for “Add to Cart” on a single click.
    1. Option to make customizable bulk lists without any intervention of the developer.
    2. Option to add or delete or edit variants in a series listing
    3. Option to add multiple products for the already added series product listing
    4. Option to compare rates of a similar set of variants across various brands
  20. Product Description Page: 
    1. Complete information of a product such as images and video at top
    2. Option to zoom in the image for more clarity.
    3. Option to show Brand of the product
    4. Option to show SEO friendly full name of the product
    5. Option to show basic and discounted price with discount percentage
    6. Option to show price with and without GST
    7. Option to show variants of a products with different prices and images
    8. Option to show price update date.
    9. Option to show specific delivery location pertaining to a specific product
    10. Option to show salient features of a product.
    11. Sharing the product on Whatsapp
    12. Detailed description of the product
    13. Option to add Video and PDF of the product
    14. Option to have specific shipping, return and cancellation policy of each product
    15. Option to show details of seller of each product
    16. Option to show similar products or ‘Customers also viewed’ products
    17. Option to have customizable MOQ on each product
    18. Option to change quantity ordered
    19. Add to Cart option displayed prominently 
    20. Option to have SEO friendly URL for optimum results
    21. Space to display Ratings and Reviews received by users.
  21. Order Tracking System: Complete order tracking system based upon order number right from order received, packed, despatched and delivered with photos of order packed and courier slips. Also available without Login for faster access.
  22. Contact us Page: Complete details on how a customer can contact  by phone/ email/ Whatsapp or physical address of store for actual visit. Location on Google Maps also available.
  23. Quick Links: Various Quick Links such as About us, Contact us, Meet our Team, various policies, FAQ and payment methods for easy access located conveniently at footer.
  24. Blogs section: Easy to access blogs stationed in the footer. Listing of all blog articles for easy access. 
  25. Review the site: Option given for accepting reviews for the complete portal
  26. Shopping Cart: Displays complete details of the items added in shopping cart
    1. Lists all the products added in the shopping cart
    2. Option to show additional charges applicable, if any
    3. Option to enter coupon code and get discounts
    4. Option to travel directly to payment page or to send enquiry of the items added in the shopping cart or to continue shopping
    5. Option to remove a product from the shopping cart
    6. Option to increase or decrease quantity from the shopping cart
    7. Final amount shown that a customer has to pay
  27. Shopping Cart Login: Option to login after adding products in shopping cart or to register on the portal
  28. Customer Records: Option to record various fields of customer required for shipping the product.
    1. Option to edit name on shipping label
    2. Option to have same or different shipping address
    3. Option to give GST details so that input credit can be claimed by the user
    4. All customer records are saved for easy access to returning customer
  29. Payment Gateways: Option to integrate various payment gateways requiring small customization on developer side
  30. Payment Process: Smooth payment process while giving multiple options
    1. Option to make payment online using payment gateway
    2. Option to offer additional discounts to customer if payments are not made using the payment gateway by a unique Direct Money Transfer (DMT) method by which customer can deposit payments directly in bank account or payment wallets.
    3. Customizable option depending upon the type of product whether to charge extra on using payment gateway or to offer additional discounts on not using payment gateway.
    4. Option to upload payment proof in DMT method
  31. Administrative Panels/ Dashboard: Admin Panels to manage the site and listing of products which is further bifurcated into two parts:
    1. Site Admin Panel: Controls the Administrative features of the e-commerce portal
    2. Seller Admin Panel: Controls the listing of products and features required for day-to-day activities of portal like order management, customer management etc. 
  32. Site Admin Panel:
    1. Option to customize payment options on DMT and Online Payment: Whether to charge extra on using payment gateway or to give additional discount on using DMT
    2. Managing all social media platforms, billing details etc.
    3. Adding and editing GST rates
    4. Option to build menu bar and edit it
    5. Registration of new seller admin
    6. Approval of B2C user to B2B user on request
    7. Fixing of Minimum Order Quantity and Free Delivery Limits
    8. Option to build and edit coupon codes
    9.  Editing of all items on home page including policies, blogs, sliders, etc.
    10. Option to view all kinds on enquiries received on site: product enquiries, shopping cart enquiries, general enquiries etc.
    11. Customer management panel for complete control of customers action points
    12. Option to view all Quotations made by users
    13. Option to handle advertisement panels and upload them as required. To be shifted to a new Advertisement Panel in future 
  33. Seller Admin Panel:
    1. Listing of individual products
    2. Listing of Series Products via creating Bulk master
    3. Listing of TMT Series master products
    4. Stock management
    5. Order management
  34. Customer Management: Storing relevant information of an user
  35. Store Management: Stock inventory management including stock reduction on buys and stock addition on returns as well as on inventory addition. All attributes of a product are editable from the dashboard without help of the developer.
  36. Content Management: All content of the products is fully editable from the dashboard with no intervention of the developer. Option to activate or deactivate a product.
  37. SEO Management: Taken care of URL editing, URL locking based on google ranking, meta description, title tags etc as required for SEO results.
  38. Email Management: Customizable Emails sent to customers on receiving Enquiry, Buy Requests, Orders and further on packing and despatching the product.
  39. Responsive Webpage Designs: Flexible display option of the site regardless of the device size.
  40. Browser Compatibility: Site is properly rendered on all major browsers: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera etc.
  41. Fast Loading: The pages are so optimized that the loading speed is fast so as to enhance customer experience and making him stick to the site.
  42. Security: Required SSL certificates in place
  43. Management of Reviews: Option to manage the reviews received on the site and for the products
  44. Product Short Links: Automatic population of all the products with menus in the footer section. Helps in SEO results

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