MySOL: An E-Commerce Portal Solution
MySol (Make Your Shop OnLine) is an e-commerce portal solution that helps small businesses come online with a simple plug and play software and make their presence in the huge internet world on their own domain and platform. We help small businesses to increase their profit margins in the online world by offering them with a customizable solution so that they can operate the online business themselves and not be dependent on market places such as Amazon and Flipkart which take away a huge chunk of profit margins away from them.


MySol (Make Your Shop OnLine) is a proprietary e-commerce portal solution which has been fully conceptualized, designed and built by ApnaGhar BizCorp Private Limited under the vision and leadership of its founder Director, Mr Rakesh Samar, (B.E, M.B.A) having an industry experience of over 30 years. MySol is a plug and play solution that can help businesses bring their products online on an e-commerce portal in just a week’s time encompassing all required activities like domain booking, hosting, populating products and integration with payment gateways that is required for an e-commerce portal.

MySol as it is designed has three flavours to suit different business requirements and price fronts.
1. MySol-SME-Basic: Supports individual listing of products by a seller
2. MySol-SME-Advanced: Supports individual as well as bulk listing of a category of products by a seller. Has the potential to support B2B services as well.
3. MySol-MP: Supports individual/Series listing of products by multiple sellers. (under development)
MySol-SME is currently under ver 1.6 release
ApnaGharBanao.in and ApnaGharMart.com are fully successfully running on MySol-SME ver 1.6

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Last Update : 15-04-2022 | Version : 1.6
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