Welcome to the B2B section of ApnaGharBanao.in.
  As a B2B user of ApnaGharBanao.in you will have special priviledges which are as follows:  
  1. You can make and download price quotations for products listed in Sanitary Products, namely CPVC Pipes and Fittings, SWR Pipes and Fittings and TMT Bars etc. This also allows you to not only edit customer's name and address but also gives you the option to change the discount being offered by you to your customers.  
  2. You can special B2B rates for your shop so that you can place your orders direcetly from the web site.  
  3. Many more feataures in days to come.  
  Welcome Aboard on B2B section of ApnaGharBanao.in.  
  If you wish to register for B2B services of ApnaGharBanao.in, please enter your email id:  

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